About Us

At the heart of our continued success of the Platinum Forex Trading Systems, is the highly complex Platinum Confluence Matrix! And Learn how to make a secondary income from trading the markets.

Our History and Philosophy

Platinum Trading System provides forex trading strategies in the UK and around 17 countries in the world for any individual who would like to become a professional forex trader or a financial trader able to trade the world’s most liquid market which is open 24 hours a day.

Platinum trading systems provides a comprehensive trading solution for individual traders. Whether a relative beginner or a more experienced trader, we provide a total solution to understanding and trading the fx market.

Our Complete Trading Systems encompasses Platinum’s unique confluence matrix combined with an extensive array of support to help you gain the necessary skills and confidence to trade more effectively and produce consistent results.



Our History

Trading concepts were first used by institutions and brokers as a trading tool to promote more disciplined trading. The popularity and more importantly the success of the analytics prompted development of the Platinum Trading Systems for use by individual FX traders in the retail market.
The concept for the trading system and strategies was a collaborative effort in 2009 between a number of successful professional and institutional traders with over 35 years combined experience. This culminated with the establishment of the Platinum Trading System in 2009.

After speaking to lots of traders in the retail market, we came to a conclusion that, with so many indicators available in the market, the information and how to interpret it can be a very confusing experience. Typically most retail traders have many indicators open at once which can lead to information overload. We have simplified this process to leave our clients with a very clear and precise chart from which they can determine high probability entry points into the market.

Our Philosophy

Over the years, many traders have come and gone but the successful ones have a number of common traits – They are organized, disciplined, patient and they all have a trading plan. The Platinum Trading Systems provides key trading levels. Our goal is to make you profitable in your trading from day one