Trade of the Day

Platinum’s Extreme Zone Strategy reverses on the Dow Jones


Beautiful Extreme Zone triggered today on Gold


Cable reverse from our Major Cap Zone during the volatility


A beautiful entry on the S&P500, A perfect Extreme Zone


What a week! 100+ pips from our Intra-day Strategy


Platinum’s Extreme Zone Strategy reverses the market


First day! First trade! Platinum’s Market cap strategy banks profits again for our members!


GBP/USD Market Cap trade in action and in profit


Platinum Trading Television delivering trades every morning


Watch Platinum delivering it again on Cable


Another 2 entries calculated to perfection with our Algorithm


Trade with accuracy using the Platinum Algorithm


Platinum’s Long Term Trading Strategy Strikes again with 50 Pips


Trade alongside the banks with these levels!


Easy 50 pips banked at the beginning of the week


Kiwi hits target on the major cap!


Major Cap Strategy Produces the Pips Once Again!


Another 50 pips bagged from a simple entry!




Intra-day Trading made simple


Make easy Pips with a simple End of day Strategy


Extreme Zone Strategy Kiwi makes 40 pips


USDCAD Easy 50 pips within minutes!


Swiss makes 215 pips in one Trade!


Another Trade, another 150+ pips and still going!


Intra-Day trading with Ease and Precision!


Aussie hits target – 220 pips from one trade!


Platinum’s analysis plays out to perfection – 300 pips in a week!


Kiwi Target Hit! 125 pips in the bag @ £10 point = £1250


Euro Intra-day Trade – A very simple way to consistent make daily profits!


Once again, another target on its way to being hit!


Euro Continuation 275 pips, almost at target!


7 trades = 7 winners for 300 pips in a week


3 Trade all in the Money – Intra-day Trading with Perfection


Euro Continuation – 150 pips with a perfect entry and still going


2 Trades producing over £1500 in a week – Learn how!


NZDUSD easy 50 pips and still going!


Trading the Euro with precision – £850 and still going!


Looking for big moves on the Dow Jones


Trade of the Month – 600 pips!!!


Easy 50 pips on the Swissy


450 pips in a week from 3 trades


100 pips and still going


300 pips profit after Brexit Speech


NZDUSD and AUDUSD give easy 100 pips


Thousands of pips to be made $$$


Long term Aussie short for an easy 50 pips


USDJPY long term trade – 50 pips and still going!


450 pips from two trades in two days!!


NZDUSD £500+ and still going!


Market Cap Strategy – Easy £500 profit in two trades


Aussie Dollar – Long Term Trading Strategy


Beautiful Gold Entry, Post-Trump Victory


How we traded CAD post-election 150 pips made


926 pips profit in one week!


Platinum Gap Trading Strategy


How Platinum makes 600+ pips on the US Election


Extreme Zone Strategy for USD/CHF


Long term Euro Strategy 50 pips with ease


Market Cap Strategy producing over 50 pips


Forex Breakout Strategy producing 120 pips in 15 minutes


End of Day Strategy on the USD/JPY


Long term trading Strategy for USD/CHF


Trades of the Week | 100 pips on Gold

Trades of the Day | 170 pips on GBP/USD


Trades of the Week | GBP Short 100+ pips


Trades of the Week 21/09/2016 | +100 pips from 2 Trades


Trades of the Week 165 pips from 4 trades


Trades of the day 15/09/2016


End of Day trades 50 pips 14/09/2016


Trades of the day 13/09/2016


Trades of the day 12/09/2016


Trades of the day 05/09/2016


Trades of the Week 100 pips @ £10 point = £1000


Continuation – YEN Trade +100 pips


Breakout YEN trade in progress | Currently +75 pips


Trade of the Day 15/08/2016
Intraday trade made 50 pips at £10 point = £500


Trade of the Day 10/08/2016
75 pips at £10 point = £750


Watch How the Platinum Elite Traders Banked 170 Pips on Bank of England Rate Decision


Extreme Zone Strategy 29/07/2016


Trades of the Week 27/07/2016


NFP Trades 08/07/2016


Trade of the Day 17/06/2016


Trades of the Day 19/05/2016 (650 Pips From 3 Trades)


Trade of the Week 13/05/2016 (+330 pips)


Trade of the day 12/05/2016 (+250 pips)


Trade of the day 05/05/2016


Trades of the Week 27/04/2016


Trades of the Week 15/04/2016


Trade of the day 11/04/2016


Trade of the day 04/04/2016


Trade of the day 29/03/2016


Trade of the day 17/03/2016


Trade of the week 16/03/2016


Trade of the day 14/03/2016


Trade of the day 09/03/2016


Trades of the day 04/03/2016

Gold Trade: 1740 Points on one trade


Trade of the day 23/02/2016


Trade of the day 19/02/2016


Trade of the day 17/02/2016


Weekly Round up 08/02/2016 – 12/02/2016


Trade of the day 08/02/2016

40 Pips – +20 AUD/USD – +20 NZD/USD Platinum Intraday Strategy


+40 Pips – +20 GBP/USD / +20 USD/CHF – Platinum Intraday Strategy


A Flat trading day on 26-1-2016


EUR/USD +20 Pips on 25-1-2016


Weekly Trade Round up 18-01-2016 – 22-01-2016


USD/CHF 150 pips on 21-1-2016


Weekly Trade Round up 11-01-2016 – 15-01-2016


Trade of the day 08/01/2016 | EUR/USD Post FOMC


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